Work and Income

Status of the disabled employee

Any person with a disability working for a company legally established in Luxembourg, or working as a self-employed person, or looking for a job, can apply fot the status of the disabled employee.

The recognition of the status of disabled employee allows to benefit from job offers more adapted to the disability in question, either in the ordinary labour market or in a sheltered workshop.

Support for inclusion in the workplace

You may be eligible for support from an assistant if you have

  • the status of a disabled employee or the status of an outplacement employee; and you are or will be employed by a private sector employer
  • an employment measure of at least 12 months or an employment contract of at least 12 months.

In order to obtain assistance, you must, together with your (future) employer and the assistant/helpdesk, apply to ADEM for assistance.

The assistant/assistance service must be chosen jointly by you and your (future) employer. A list is published in the Official Journal of Luxembourg. Approved assistants/support services are listed according to their field of expertise.

If agreed, the inclusion assistance is fully covered by the Employment Fund. For more information, see 

Income for severely disabled people

If, however, the disability is such that the person can no longer earn a living on the labour market, they can apply for the severely disabled income.

Sheltered workshops

The sheltered workshop is a workplace whose structure and operation are adapted to the specific needs and individual abilities of the person who has been granted the status of disabled employee.

There are currently 31 sheltered workshops in Luxembourg. The workshops are included, together with other services for disabled people, in the list of approved services for disabled people.

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