Corinne Cahen visited several senior citizen facilities and a senior citizens' club as part of her "Summertour 2022".

As part of her "Summertour 2022", the Minister for Family Affairs and Integration, Corinne Cahen, visited several senior citizen facilities and a senior citizens' club throughout the Grand Duchy.










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Although she visits the various facilities throughout the year - whether for a spontaneous visit or as part of the medal presentation for a centenarian resident - the summer period is the best time for a relaxed and friendly exchange with residents and staff.

The spontaneous nature of the visits meant that the minister's meetings with residents were held around an ongoing activity, whether it was a board game, a craft activity or physical exercise.

The residents were in good spirits, said they were happy and felt well cared for. This is due to the good atmosphere in the structures, due to the carers and supervisors who, day after day, take care of the residents, always listening to each one.

Corinne Cahen would like to give special thanks to the staff and all the service providers for the elderly, as well as all the volunteers who are very committed to the elderly. All the staff and volunteers support the residents and clients in their daily lives and are indispensable. What could be better than being able to help and support people? This is what the minister heard from staff, but also from trainees, students and managers, who note that young people who do a placement in a retirement or care home want to come back after they have graduated. The human side of the daily work is very important, and the elderly are very grateful.

Corinne Cahen visits nursing homes and CIPAs throughout the year. Listening to the residents, their wishes and their state of mind is essential for the minister, as is the dialogue with the staff and managers.

Press release by the Ministry of Family Affairs, Integration and the Greater Region

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