Municipalities and living together

Intercultural living-together is a participatory, dynamic and continuous process that enables everyone living or working in Luxembourg to live, work and make decisions together.

The municipalities play a major role in implementing this policy of living together at local level. They are the first point of reference for anyone new to Luxembourg, but also for those who have lived or worked here for a long time.

The Ministry of Family Affairs, Solidarities, Living Together and Reception works closely with the municipalities to promote living together, in particular through:

- the Gemengepakt vum interkulturellen Zesummeliewen (municipal pact for intercultural living together)

- the municipal committees on intercultural living together, and

- networking and exchange of good practices.

For more information on municipal activities to promote intercultural living together, please visit the "Zesummeliewen an ärer Gemeng" website at

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