National Action Plan Integration (PAN)

The National Action Plan for Integration (PAN Integration) provides a general, strategic and sustainable framework for the implementation of integration policy. The PAN Integration is based on two fields of action:

  • The reception and social support of applicants for international protection
  • Integration of all non-Luxembourgish residents in the country

These two areas are complemented by three crosscutting areas:

  • Access to information and interaction
  • Quality of services
  • National and international cooperation and coordination

The fight against discrimination, the promotion of diversity and equal opportunities are integral to all areas.

The Interministerial Committee on Integration, under the coordination of the Department of Integration, prepares and monitors the implementation of the PAN Integration.

All relevant actors ensure the implementation of the PAN Integration and calls for projects on priority topics are published annually.

PAN projects supported within the framework of an annual call for projects can be found here.

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