Assistance through Employment

The Ministry has signed conventions with several services that aim at (re)integrating vulnerable and unemployed people into working and social life, including through the activation process under the Social Inclusion Income Act (Revenu d’inclusion sociale - REVIS).


The objective of Co-labor is to promote professional (re)integration through orientation, qualification and integration into the labour market. Co-Labor provides social support and training throughout the integration process.

Inter-Actions: Atelier Schläifmillen

The Schläifmillen workshop aims to integrate or reintegrate disadvantaged young adults into the labour market. It is a training workshop which aims to prepare young people ages 16-30 for the labour market. The young jobseekers are given a "job support contract" through the Employment Agency (Agence pour le développement de l’emploi – ADEM).

Comité national de défense sociale (CNDS): Nei Aarbecht

The Nei Aarbecht initiative of CNDS aims to reintegrate people experiencing social hardship and without employment by offering them returning-to-work-measures adapted to their abilities and resources. Nei Aarbecht collects second-hand objects from individuals. These objects are sorted, recycled and refurbished in workshops by the beneficiaries and, once revalorised, they are put on sale at an affordable price.

CNDS: Services de l'Entraide

The Services de l'Entraide of CNDS aim to offer socially marginalised people who are far removed from the labour market a structure for social and professional reintegration with the aim of guiding them towards an ordinary socio-professional life.

CNDS: Naturaarbechten

CNDS Naturaarbechten aims to offer groups of people who are far removed from the labour market socio-therapeutic support through an employment measure in the area of nature conservation services. The aim of CNDS Naturaarbechten is to achieve maximum autonomy for the beneficiaries through social and eventually professional (re)integration.

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