Social Monitoring

The Ministry of Family Affairs, Integration and the Greater Region supports several social assistance services.

Arcus: Service "Aide Familiale"

The "Aide Familiale" service of Arcus asbl is an assistance service offering support (housework, meals, shopping, etc.) to people who need external help to ensure proper functioning of their household and family life in the event of illnesses, pregnancies or disabilities for example.

A contribution to the costs is calculated on the basis of the household's income and the number of people living in it.

Ligue médico-sociale: service d'accompagnement social (SAS)

The service d'accompagnement social (SAS) (social support service) of the Ligue médico-sociale offers long-term social support in peoples’ homes throughout Luxembourg. The social support service aims at providing the highest possible improvement of social integration to individuals and families presenting multiple forms of distress (problems concerning management of finances, education, etc.), increasing their autonomy and stabilising their situation.

Inter-Actions: Service "ACT !"

The ACT!  Service by Inter-Actions asbl is a socio-pedagogical consultation service whose aim is the social and professional (re-)integration of the persons concerned. The service offers comprehensive care, referral to specialised services and socio-professional workshops for jobseekers with low qualifications and psycho-social problems.

Croix-Rouge luxembourgeoise: Service "LISKO"

The LISKO (Lëtzebuerger Integratiouns- a Sozialkohäsiounszenter) service of the Luxembourg Red Cross is the Luxembourgish centre for integration and social cohesion. LISKO mainly supports beneficiaries of international protection and helps them integrate into Luxembourg’s society by offering personalised social support services and measures increasing their degree of autonomy (empowerment). In addition, LISKO links social services and associations in order to ensure that applicants are accompanied towards local integration actions and that ties between applicants and the general population are established.

Fondation Solina

The Social Housing Service of the  Fondation Solina offers individualised social support to adults who are likely to encounter housing difficulties, and to any person in precarious housing situations without assistance. Its general objective is the professional and social integration of beneficiaries and support in the search for adequate housing.

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