Community Work

The Ministry of Family Affairs, Integration and the Greater Region supports a number of community social work initiatives whose main objective is to promote the cohesion of a group of people, neighbourhoods or less developed regions by reducing inequalities and increasing their degree of participation in social life.

This social work is carried out through acquaintance between and daily contact with local actors (institutions, services, merchants, associations and inhabitants), both through events organised on an ad hoc basis and long-term projects.


In order to promote social, cultural and political cohesion based on tolerance, respect for the diversity of others and the right to be different, Inter-Actions asbl offers various activities in the "Schmelz" and "Italie"" districts of Dudelange, as well as in the  Gare/Bonnevoie district of Luxembourg. These activites include language courses, creative workshops, intercultural workshops, parties and social events.


ASTI asbl (Association de Soutien aux Travailleurs Immigrés) offers various activities in the neighbourhoods around Eich and Dommeldange with the aim of promoting integration through the active participation of local citizens in local associations. ASTI seeks to create synergies with neighbourhood organisations and offers activities in order to introduce the neighbourhood to its inhabitants.

Caritas Jeunes et Familles

The Atelier Zeralda by Caritas Jeunes et Familles asbl organises numerous activities (excursions, neighbourhood parties, publishing of a neighbourhood newspaper, collaboration with local associations,…) in order to encourage encounters, exchanges and solidarity between the inhabitants of the Pfaffenthal neighbourhood.

Mouvement ATD Quart Monde Luxembourg

The movement ATD Quart Monde Luxembourg organises numerous events and cultural outings for people and families in precarious situations who have often experienced multi-generational forms of social and economic difficulties. The aim is to offer them moments of sharing and exchange through different projects and group activities.

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