Launch of the Wanteraktioun 2022/2023

Early opening of the Wanteraktioun  (WAK) on 15/11/2022

This 2022/2023 edition is once again marked by the early opening of the Wanteraktioun. On 15 November 2022, the 250 beds that make up the multifunctional emergency structure in Findel are ready to welcome all the WAK beneficiaries during the coldest months of the winter.

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Organised since 1 January 2021 by the Dräieck a.s.b.l., which brings together the three partners Caritas Luxembourg, the Luxembourg Red Cross and Inter-Actions, in collaboration with the Ministry of Family, Integration and the Greater Region, the WAK aims to guarantee temporary accommodation, meals, access to sanitary facilities and services such as medical consultations in order to meet the primary needs of homeless people.

"The partnership between Caritas Luxembourg, the Luxembourg Red Cross and Inter-actions has been in place for almost two years. All our knowledge, expertise and field experience acquired over several years in the field of homelessness and emergency accommodation in Luxembourg and internationally have been pooled to carry out our humanitarian mission in Luxembourg with commitment", explains Marc Crochet, President of Dräieck a.s.b.l.

Actions carried out as close to the field as possible: three teams at the service of the beneficiaries

Teams of professionals in the field take turns 7 days a week during the winter months to ensure the distribution of meals and hygiene products, to offer a place to rest, socio-educational activities, an emergency cloakroom and a social follow-up and orientation service.

"Each year, 21 experienced field professionals, accompanied by our trainees, volunteers and volunteers, take care of the beneficiaries during the entire Winter Action. Every day, three teams work in synergy and guarantee, among other things, day care, night shelter and social follow-up for our beneficiaries", explains Cyrielle Chibaeff, head of the Dräieck a.s.b.l.

The field coordination is open from 11.30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.: the registration of beneficiaries, the organisation of individual social follow-up, referral to specialised services if necessary or the planning of medical care are part of the daily tasks.

"There are six of us in our team who take turns every day to register the beneficiaries who come to register. It is also an opportunity to have direct contact and to initiate social work, to understand the requests, to establish a relationship of trust which is essential in our daily work to ensure progress in the follow-up. Working with the network is also a cornerstone because we may have to refer beneficiaries to other structures depending on the types of requests we encounter," explains Catia Gomes, coordinator of the WAK's Field Coordination (Inter-Actions).

The Day Shelter team, open from 12:00 to 16:00, offers a hot meal, a place to rest and an emergency cloakroom, and organises socio-educational activities useful for social inclusion and integration.

"During the last edition, our emergency wardrobe distributed almost 900 items of clothing to 134 different beneficiaries. We are committed to our mission to respond to urgent needs and also to offer diversified socio-educational activities in addition to our reception and meal distribution mission", explains Rachel Olivero, coordinator of the Foyer de jour (Luxembourg Red Cross).

The Foyer de nuit team, open from 7.15pm to 8.45am, welcomes beneficiaries for overnight accommodation, organises evening snacks and breakfast, distributes personal hygiene materials, ensures access to showers and offers support.

"Every evening we are ready and available for our public from 7pm: 8 professionals work and divide the shifts between the morning, from 6am to serve breakfast until 8.45am to organise departures to the shuttle, and the evening until 11pm to ensure admissions. Our motivation and commitment lie in the attention we can give to the various demands of our target public; we are always there to listen to the different needs expressed by our beneficiaries", says Diana Pereira, coordinator of the Night Shelter (Caritas Luxembourg).

Committed and mobilised volunteers throughout the Wanteraktioun

The volunteer team of the Dräieck a.s.b.l. also plays a very important role. Their mobilisation alongside the professionals in the field is one of the conditions that guarantee the smooth running of the WAK. The warm and friendly atmosphere that the volunteers help to create with their dynamism and motivation also helps those in need. More than 80 active volunteers worked more than 3,870 hours during the last edition.

"We consider our volunteers to be one of the pillars of a successful reception and follow-up. The trust that can be built up with our beneficiaries is also very important and supports our daily work. We are looking for volunteers who are willing to commit themselves regularly for the duration of the winter action", says Rachel Olivero, responsible for the mobilisation of volunteers together with Mrs. Beestermoeller, responsible for volunteering at Caritas Luxembourg.

To contact the field teams: or +352 621 148 508

To contact the association team:
or +325 621 598 341

To become a volunteer: or 2755


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