Elderly People

The Ministry for Family Affairs, Integration and the Greater Region establishes the policy relating to the elderly. The government's priorities are to implement a policy based on a positive view of ageing. This includes the promotion of intergenerational dialogue, preventing social isolation, creating an overview of the existing offers for the elderly in Luxembourg, the quality control of activities, services and infrastructures for the elderly, the implementation of political strategies emanating from a gerontological and active-ageing point of view. Further priorities are the integration of elderly migrants, the supervision, support and training of families, as well as the training of professionals.

In order to better inform senior citizens, the ministry's division for the elderly manages the websites www.luxsenior.lu and www.demence.lu as well as the Seniorentelefon, a service provided by the ministry which informs and advises the elderly, their relatives and other interested citizens via telephone: 247-86 000.

Social pricing (tarification sociale) was implemented by the ministry to help older people who do not have sufficient financial means to meet the costs of the necessary assistance and care and who are not entitled to long-term care insurance. It also offers the gerontology services supplement to elderly people admitted to an assisted living facility, an integrated centre for the elderly or a nursing home, but who do not have the financial resources to cover the cost of accommodation and personal needs.

For further information, please visit our website for senior citizens (click on the image below): 

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Approved services

The loi du 8 septembre 1998 (law of 8 September 1998) regulating relations between the State and organisations working in the social, family affairs and therapeutic fields stipulates in Article 1:

"No one may, on a principal or accessory basis and in return for remuneration, undertake or carry out in a non-occasional manner any of the activities listed below, in the social, socio-educational, medico-social or therapeutic fields, unless he or she is in possession of written approval, according to their respective competences, from either the Minister for Family Affairs, the Minister of Equality between Women and Men, the Minister of Education, Children and Youth or the Minister of Health.

All natural or legal persons who wish to offer day and/or night reception and accommodation to more than three people at the same time in the social, socio-educational or medico-social field or who wish to offer consultation, help, care, assistance, guidance, social training, animation or professional orientation services, must have a government authorisation to be able to exercise their activity.

This authorisation, known as "agrément", is granted by the Ministry for Family Affairs, Integration and the Greater Region if and only if the institution meets the quality requirements defined by the Grand Ducal regulation.

Approval is compulsory for both natural and legal persons, under private and public law.

Regular checks are carried out by the Ministry.

The list of services for the elderly includes all approved institutions and is regularly updated.

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